React Hooks

# What is React Hooks?

Even a few days ago, if React.js was a functional add-on only through class-based components. But since React 16.8 the functional components have started using some of their own Hooks and this has made React very easy to manage.

# What we can do using React Hooks?

~ the functional component state can be managed
~ The…

React Accessibility

# What is Web Accessibility?

In fact, it is very difficult for those who are visually impaired and do not see the text on the screen to browse the website, Web Accessibility has been created to solve this problem. Web Accessibility works so that all types of people can browse the web in…

Top 10 ES6 Features

What is ES6?

Es6 or ECMAScript 2015 is the sixth major release of ECMAScript language which comes with a lot of new features and syntax for writing web applications in Javascript.

Here we will discuss the core features of Top 10 ES6 or ECMAScript 6. …



An exception is a generalization of the concept of an error to include any unexpected condition encountered during execution.

Exception Handling:-

  • try
  • catch
  • finally
  • throw


  • try: try is written in a block or in JavaScript language inside curly braces. Try usually returns the condition as true.
  • catch: If there is any…

Javascript Smart Coding Style

Introduction :

In a programming language, sorting or arranging these codes is called smart coding.

Suppose you are a programmer, you write your code in one of the editors and if you put the codes in a random way and the codes are working properly but no other…

String - indexOf(), lastIndexOf() || Number - isNaN(), parseInt() || Math - random(), sqrt() || Array - concat(), every()

What is JavaScript

The most used and popular programming language in the world is JavaScript. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language or many people call it a browser-side programming language. Originally it was an…

Secure Sockets Layer.(SSL)

Do you know what is an SSL on the website?

SSL basically enhances the security of a website a lot more. This means that all sites will have SSL and will be secure.If we look at the domain of a website, we can see that the domain name is preceded by HTTP: // or HTTPS: //. The…

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