Javascript Error Handling || try…catch

Lancer Abir
Nov 3, 2020




An exception is a generalization of the concept of an error to include any unexpected condition encountered during execution.

Exception Handling:-

  • try
  • catch
  • finally
  • throw


  • try: try is written in a block or in JavaScript language inside curly braces. Try usually returns the condition as true.
  • catch: If there is any kind of error in the experiment or it is found, then it returns inside the catch block.
  • finally: After the try block, the experiment code is finally used for clear.
  • throw: The throw statement allows show an error. Depending on the criteria you choose, this handle forces the calling code into the error.

Cross Browser Testing

It is often seen that when we do a project, the code runs properly in the running browser but does not work properly in the Anna browser.

This means that the current browser project structure works fine but the project structure is broken in another browser and this problem is called Cross Browser Testing Failure.

Cross Browser Testing is all the functionality of the application or project work structure in different browsers is working properly. This is a very effective system not only for web application but also for mobile application.

Need Of Cross Browser Testing

According to the needs of the client or customer, he wants the browser testing facility of his choice, which a developer provides, moreover if the user domain
Wants to browse his site in multiple browsers and cross-browser testing

Way to do Browser Compatibility Testing

There are two types of Browser Compatibility Testing

* Manual

* Using tools

- seeTest

- Browsershots

- MultiBrowser