React Accessibility

Lancer Abir
Nov 5, 2020


React Accessibility

# What is Web Accessibility?

In fact, it is very difficult for those who are visually impaired and do not see the text on the screen to browse the website, Web Accessibility has been created to solve this problem. Web Accessibility works so that all types of people can browse the web in the right way. Web Accessibility works by converting web app or website contacts to audio.

# Standards and Guidelines

i) WCAG: Full meaning of WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)
Here are some guidelines to create Web Accessibility

  • WCAG checklist from Wuhcag
  • WCAG checklist from WebAIM
  • Checklist from The A11Y Project

ii) WAI-ARIA: WAI-ARIA Full Mining (Web Accessibility Initiative — Accessible Rich Internet Applications)
Since React DOM converts HTML to browser JSX or object, hyphen-cased attributes have to be used in HTML.

# Accessibility Levels

There are three types of Accessibility Levels

1. Single A -- minimum

2. Double AA -- expected

3.Triple AAA -- Height

# Semantic Tag HTML

It is very important to use Semantic Tag HTML. Many times we use custom or self-made HTML tags which is a very bad practice. This HTML Tag React JSX does not understand anything. Which prevents accessibility. So only Semantic Tag HTML should be used.